Benefits of FM-200 suppression systems

- Zero ozone depletion - no phaseout schedule.
- Perfectly safe for occupied areas.
- UL/FMRC approved listed components.
- Less hardware compared to other ineret gas based extingushents.
- Low maintenance.
- Low-pressure system - gas stored at 25 bar.
- UL/FM listed computer designs for flow, maximises system
- Engineered, pre-engineered or modular systems.

FM-200 Meets following requirements

- Quick acting.
- Reliable.
- High shelf life.
- Time tested and approved by authority.
- Clean and safe for equipment.
- People safe.
- Environment friendly.
- Versatile enough to take care of all classes of fire.
- Long term availability.
- Space efficient.
- No collateral damage to assets, which the system is meant to 


Product profile

Includes an impressive array of products covering all aspects of fire protection for commercial applications such as building protection, critical assets protection etc. and industrial applications for chemical, petrochemical, aviation and other sectors.

Fire detection

  • Conventional / Microprocessor bases automatic fire detection systems.

  • Intelligent analogue addressable fire detection systems.

  • Distributed intelligence addressable fire detection systems.

  • Laser based high sensitivity smoke detection system.

  • Liner heat sensing cable systems.

Clean agent

FM-200 not only prevents extensive fire damage but also virtually eliminates collateral damage to delicate equipment and instruments from the extinguishant itself.

  1. FM-200 is a clean agent containing no particulars or oily residues.

  2. FM-200 does not significantly reduce oxygen levels and is safe for occupied spaces where your most important assets, human resource reside.

  3. After FM-200 is discharged it can be removed from the protected space by simple ventilation allowing you to resume normal operations quickly.