Spark detection with diversion system to chute fed blow room

Typical layout of the system

Spark Detector 1) Spark Detector
Heat detector 2) Heat Detector
3) Control Panel
Diversion Gate 4) Diversion Gate
Damper 5) Damper
6) Quenching Tank

General :

Blow room line in spinning mill is more prone to fire as cotton/fibre is processed for cleaning & other requirements. These may be mainly due to friction. Process being continuous & connected to various machines through ducts ,cannot be detected immediately & these may prove hazardous damaging machines/raw material & ultimately loss of production till damaged machines are set right.

System mainly consists of :

1) Spark detectors covering 360

2) Heat detectors operating at 65 C
3) Electronic control panel
4) Pneumatically operated fast diversion gates
5) Pneumatically operated Dampers