Working :

Spark detectors & heat detectors are provided at machines more prone to fire & having large storage of material in the process machine. Any burning cotton/fiber will be detected by spark detectors & with rise of temperature heat detector will activate electronic panel which will

1) Stop complete blow room line thereby preventing further travel of burnt material to other machines.

2) Give audio-visual signal
indicating the zone affected. 

3) After pre-set time of 30 Seconds (adjustable) give signal to all cylinder bank to puncture the cylinder disc.

4) Now CO2 will be fed to well designed pipe net work connected to all machines.

5) CO2 will be discharged through spring loaded Non-clog type nozzle installed in machines & ducts. This will flood the complete blow room line & extinguish the fire. CO2 quantity is based on 54% concentration which is sufficient to extinguish the fire.

6) Dampers are provided to ducts leading to filter room or to cellar which will be closed to maintain the CO2 concentration.

7) Piping extended up to card inlet will provide protection up to card inlet.

Advantages :

CO2 gas will not spoil the material in process & blow room line can be restarted immediately.

In case of emergency. arrangement provided on cylinder banks to flood the CO2 manually irrespective of the signal from spark detector/heat detector.

Hooking up of CO2 System to Existing Diversion System :

In case if you are already having Diversion/Sensing system to existing blow room line, we can provide above CO2 system without spark/heat detectors. Signal will be tapped from your existing system & processed by panel to be supplied by us which will operate CO2 bank & flood the line with CO2

No electrical connection is to be done to existing panel for Diversion. Only potential free contact of existing panel will be utilized to operate CO2 system.