The voltmeter provided in panel shows the charging voltage when operated on A.C. Mains and battery volts when operated on battery.

It is observed that system is worked with low battery voltage caused due to prolonged stoppage of A.C. Mains or other reasons. Low battery voltage ultimately leads to Mal-functioning of the system and lead to unwanted operation of CO2 cylinders. Do not operate the system below 22 volts.

In case of frequent power stoppage or planned stoppage of the system, A.C. as well as battery power should be disconnected.

CO2 Cylinder Bank :

CO2 cylinders are installed in banks as shown in the plan. These cylinders are equipped with common header for each bank. Cylinder outlet is connected to common header by flexible hose through Non-return valves. Each cylinder is equipped with puncturing device to puncture the piercing disc and discharge the CO2 to common header which is again connected to pipe net work. Puncturing device operates after receiving the signal from the control panel.

In case of failure of the panel or for earlier flooding of CO2 manual operation arrangement is provided to each bank. By breaking the glass of manual pull-box and pulling the lever the system can be operated manually.

Puncturing device is also provided with locking arrangement to prevent the working by unauthorized person, specially during the maintenance of the system.