Fire Detection System for Godown and Warehouse

In continuation of our participation in the fire protection since 35 Years chetan have come out with a new system of fire detection in godown & warehouse.
Even in working hours godown, warehouse & similar storage places normally remains un-attended/ un-presented except for delivery or storage of the goods. Due to this fire in godowns, ware house & such storage places remain undetected resulting in heavy loss of raw / finished materials.
Some automatic detection/extinguishing system's are in market. Detection can be done by installing heat/smoke detectors, while extinguishing can be done by Sprinkler System, described detections & extinguishing system are costly as it involves lot of electrical cabling & water piping.
Function of the System

Beam Transmitter & Receivers is installed to the wall of Godown. Transmitter Beam is received by Receiver. Any object coming in between this beam feeds the signal to control panel which in turn gives audio-visual signal. After getting the signal necessary action for extinguishing the fire can be taken. No wiring is passing through the godown as control panel is located out side godown & transmitter as well receiver is installed on side walls. If required the panel can operate audio-visual indicator at remote required place.

In case of fire, smoke travels up & blockage of the beam will activate the system. Arrangement is provided in the panel for avoiding unwanted operation due to flying fluff, dust, falling of any object.


Installation is simple. Cabling for transmitter, receiver & panel is to be provided. No wiring/cabling is to be done inside the godown.
Typical Installation

Typical Installation


  • Modular Construction. 

  • Sensitivity Adjustment. 

  • Audio Visual Signal for Fault. 

  • Control Panel operates on 230 V.A.C. and Sensor on V.D.C. supply. 

  • Effective range of Beam 60 Meters. 

  • Artificial Light will not affect the performance. 

  • Fault/Fire indicating lamp. 

  • If required battery backup can be provided.


  • Cotton-Cloth Godown. 

  • Warehouse & other similar storage places. 

  • In case of your interest send us the godown/warehouse plan or overall dimension i.e. height width & breadth in order to offer the system.

Transmitter Receiver